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Please make "transform to rendered audio" available on bustracks

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in Mixing by simonpaldanius (310 points)
"transform to rendered audio" is a great feature but since I do most of my heavy processing on bustracks I almost never have the opportunity to use it in any meaningful way to save processingpower.

2 Answers

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answered Aug 4, 2021 by aifuding (1,950 points)
As an alternative, you can solo the mix bus and bounce the entire project to a new track..
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answered Aug 8, 2021 by klausnyberg (1,790 points)
Never though about this one. But yeah. Instead of transforming 10x tracks into audio taking alot of extra time. The ability to transform and remove all 10x tracks in one go would be awesome instead of using the normal save mixdown as.

Great idea.