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PLEASE add "Post-record audio input" in the preferences: advanced audio section :)

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in Recording by mikesupina (6,390 points)
edited Feb 12, 2022 by mikesupina
Please add "Post-Record Audio Input". I'm super happy that Pre-Record Audio Input exists, but it would be super handy to do "Post-Record Audio Input" as well.

This would work almost exactly like Pro Tools works which is super efficient for tracking. The benefit is that you could split an event that you need to punch in, simply select it which creates your punch in and punch out points, and then you have some leeway on both ends of what you just recorded in case you have to trim in either direction. It works much faster and cleaner than having to stop the recording when you think there's enough space at the end, and then trim it back etc.

This way, all you would have to do is hit record, and if the new take actually fit at the end but the front got a little cut off, just trim back and you're good. Have to do it again? Just select the event and hit record. It avoids a bunch of little clips and chopped audio at the end as a result of trying to stop record in the same place. This would keep tracking audio really, really clean.

I would even ask that Presonus add an option for "Bars" as well so you have the option of "seconds" or "bars". In most cases, a pre and post roll according to the bars and tempo is ideal. This would be much better suited built into the transport as well so you can choose the Pro Roll and Post Roll Bars.

Please consider! Please vote! :)

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answered Feb 12, 2022 by mikesupina (6,390 points)

Went to add this request, and saw that somebody had already added it, not realizing that somebody was me!!! hahah

Also realized that the category was under something other than "recording" (must not have categorized this correctly) which this applies to, so I changed that.

Please, please add this! smiley