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Sync with Backup. Select what you want to backup.

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asked Jul 1, 2021 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by cjt1 (800 points)
Maybe when one does a backup they've only changed a few settings and added a few new thumbnails and macros. At the moment we have to backup absolutely everything in one zip whereas it'd be great to be able to sync with the settings already in sphere.
So if we could do a sync (such as a mirror or update) then we could only backup what we need. Saves storage space and saving the entire configuration etc.

For example update macros and remove the ones from the cloud if we've since deleted them etc.

Another thing that would be great and could possibly tie-in with this feature is selecting what you'd like to back up. For example. I can currently choose to restore my plugin thumbnails, but I can't choose to backup everything EXCEPT thumbnails etc. etc.

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