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Can't update my payment info

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asked Sep 1, 2021 in Studio One+ by jonashed (140 points)
Trying to change/add a new credit card for my monthly subscription of sphere. The box is just ticking and nothing happens. The monthly cost is about to be withdrawn today! What to do?

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answered Sep 8, 2021 by drewcampbell5 (340 points)
I've been having the same problem since the weekend. I raised a support ticket as due to suspiciousn activity I had to close my paypal and open another. There was no option to update payment info that I could see. I informed in the ticket that my next payment would be due to come out on the 8th and would fail unless I updated my payment info.

I received no response from then til now and now it has deactivated my subscription as predicted. Attempts to reactivate just brings a hanging website page.. Its the first time in years I have had to contact support and the results have been upsetting.
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answered Sep 22, 2023 by shawnbeaupre (200 points)
2 years later and the same issue continues. I need to update my card and there is no way to do it. This is ridiculous.
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answered Feb 1 by boros (180 points)
Hi you just have to go to buy the product that you want, your old credit card number will be automatically loaded, you just have to override it by clicking on it and typing any number there.