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Part independent MIDI switches on external instrument (Korg Kronos) and click automations.

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asked Sep 2, 2021 in Show Page by christopherrudolph (240 points)
First of all - I know my question has been discussed here many times, but I would be interested to know what the current situation is. And I would appreciate a statement from Presonus on this.

I recently switched to Studio One 5 to do my entire live setup through Showpage. Unfortunately, it doesn't currently work the way I imagined it would. I play a Korg KRONOS, where I want to change the sounds several times per song from the show page. I have compiled the sounds on the Kronos in a setlist. Now I want to control (also independent of the song parts - intro / verse / chorus / etc.) the different presets of the Kronos setlist. In Pro Tools I simply created a MIDI track and "recorded" the commands in the DAW via MIDI - done.
Is there in the current Studio One version in the show page already a way to switch the sounds? And does that already work in the Song Page?
Also, I have some rhythm changes live that I would like to program as well.

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