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Sync preferences and settings (google chrome style) MADE SIMPLE!

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asked Sep 7 in Recording by mauriziobaggio (650 points)

I use S1 on different computers and I've been dreaming about a sort of sync option between all my different studio situations.

Google Chrome Browser can be an example, if you sync it, wherever you log in it will be able to retrieve your data until you're logged in.

In case of S1 it would be smarter to have some options in order to decide what you want to sync and what you don't want


1 - you choose the computer to get sync'd to

and then you can choose to get the same

- preferences

- general settings

- keycommands


- downloads

ecc ecc

Am I the only one using S1 on multiple stations?!?

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answered Sep 12 by heikomlodystach3 (260 points)

Definitely a great and usefull idea! Or at least make all the settings ex-/importable as one .xml-file, please. smiley

What's also great in e.g. text editors like Visual Studio Code is that you can exclude specific settings from syncing, so that you can have some individual settings for each machine (font size, audio I/O, etc.), but keep all of the rest in sync.