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Additional mic inputs for ioStation 24C

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asked Dec 15, 2021 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by recordings (120 points)
I recently purchased an 10Station 24c and am delighted with it. The quality seems to at least equal the high-end interfaces I have been using. No doubt you will, in due course, find ways to upgrade or enhance the unit. I would like to through in a couple of suggestions which, for me, would make it the perfect device. Talkback is pretty important to me. Ideally, there would be a buit-in talkback mic with a button to activate it and dim the monitor speakers. Alternatively, there could be an additional mic input, which could, as with the StudioLive mixers, be used either for talkback or an additional channel. Four mic/line inputs would be even better. I think it would add a couple of inches to the width, but it would not make it unwieldy. Obviously, you know the market far better than I, but I could envisage an enhanced Faderport 8 or 16 with mic/line inputs included. For now, you have come up with something pretty neat.

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