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How do I get better signal from condenser microphone?

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asked Dec 30, 2021 in MyPreSonus Questions by maximustaylor (190 points)
Let me rephrase my previous question, while i'm new to audio equipment i've been looking up information about audio interfaces and microphones for a while but my microphone is way too quiet, i've had the phantom power on, I have the mic plugged in, everything is setup right but my microphone is still quiet even with the fethead phantom boosting my mic it's still barely getting -24 db on my audio interface, i've tried everything to fix from reinstalling the device on my computer, trying other XLR cables, even tried switching which input i'm plugged into, but no matter what I do my microphone is still so quiet that I need to turn the gain up to around 80% to get any good sound out of it and i'm using a condenser mic set to 50% I've seen other people just plug their mics in without a booster and set the gain lower than mine and still get better levels I have no clue what's wrong here, if anyone can tell me how I can fix the problem please any help is appreciated.

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