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Saving folders with all contained informations (channels/track, instruments and presets, color coding, fx.)

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asked Jan 30, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by dominikschiller (2,210 points)

Hi ;)

it would be so helpful if S1 would allow saving more than one instrument at a time. When building a comprehensive template one deals with a large number of tracks, which all have to be sorted and managed in a way. It is kind of nerve-wracking to perform the same task over again. (drag the instrument instance to file location of your choice and rename the preset)

Why not have the presets name linked to channels/track name (since when dragging the preset onto a channel or arranger this is happening anyway). 

And on a global level, it would be effective to drag a folder (even with different types: audio track, instrument tracks, fx, or alike) to a specific files location and S1 simply remembers all corresponding parameters. (naming, color, fx settings, volume settings, channel order, etc.)

This could mean saving multiple hours in the overall context, and the end to an annoying, repeating task. 

Have a nice day folks ;)

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answered Mar 3, 2023 by mesperance (880 points)
Track presets is good for this. I have a folder with 3 Mai Tai tracks. Each track has different presets loaded and different FX chains. I packed all three tracks into a folder and saved the folder as a track preset (simple drag and drop).

I can quickly drag this folder into a new track with everything I saved. I have track/folder presets for Mai Tais, Basses, Arps, Impacts, and more. It's a HUGE time saver!