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Suggestions for MIDI: Color coded scale grade mode with custom scales

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asked Apr 7, 2023 in MIDI Editing by Michael1985 (12,910 points)
Here I suggest a color code mode with different colors for the following scale grades

tonic(octave), dominant(fifths) subdominant(fourths) and the three consecutives in relation to the tonic and notes which are not within a scale, could be grey. The color code for the notes should be also changed if you change the scale. The color code varies if you use other scale conceptes like a scale of fifths, where the color code for the fifth is more present.

This would be good for a better overview when you edit complex patterns.

Because many musicians also use their own scales, custom scales, which you can save also for other projects, would be also nice and where you can also define your own color code if wanted.

And for chords it would be nice to have the two inversions of the chords to pick.

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