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Unscramble my tempo misery

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asked Jan 30, 2022 in Studio One 5 by joannamutimer (440 points)
Hi Guys,

I am trying to create an alternative backing track to a famous song and I am having tempo problems. The song was made using no click track and so the tempoi moves around. I wanted to use the original as my template and so it was necessary to extract the tempo using melodyne. I then added midi clips to make a new backing track. It worked pretty well except...

When Melodyne extracted the tempo track it did a great job except in relation to about one bar. In that bar the tempo of the song remains roughly constant but for some reason melodyne dropped the tempo down dramtically. I think this was just an error by melodyne.

This sudden drop in tempo does not affect the playback of the original track as it has no time stamp. BUT, it does affect the midi tracks, which suddenly slow down, of course.

OK, so I want to remove the dip in the tempo track. If I do that the midi works fine, but the audio from the original song moves to the right. That means that the original and the midi are now out of synch for the rest of the song.

I have turned off Stretch in Song Setup (albeit after I had done most of the work). And I have tried using "Don't Follow" in the track inspector. Also track reports Tempo "Not Set" when I right click on it.

Despite all this, the track reacts when I try to smooth out the tempo.

Can this be fixed?

Best Regards


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