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Are there plans to add Network MIDI capabilites to the StudioLive Series III to send/receive MIDI commands?

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asked Mar 3, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by drgypsies (230 points)
We purchased a 64S expecting this feature to be present, but just now unboxed and discovered our mistake in selecting this product.  The MIDI feature which seems so basic in live shows and music production has unfortunately been abandoned by the designers of these mixers.   We are a very small organization, and we use MIDI signals from ProPresenter to cue lighting and we expected that we would do the same with the StudioLive Series III (i.e scene changes, mute group activation, etc).  I know that the 64S series does not have MIDI 5 PIN DIN connectors, but are there plans to implement the network MIDI capabilities to map to functions of the mixer?  Not having MIDI is definitely a show stopper.

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answered Mar 3, 2022 by craiglocke (220 points)
We have previously used the Network MIDI interface on the MAC OS to trigger video cues in Ableton, song changes and page scrolling in the OnSong App on the musician's iPads, trigger lyric projections, and even an iRig BlueBoard for muting Ableton channels, so I can see the usefulness of the feature.  Having that feature would help bands and others running Ableton Live, Main Stage, ProPresenter, and/or other MIDI aware applications to automate recalling  scenes or mute channels from one song to the next if needed.