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Losing connection between Studiolive 32SX and Universal Control on Windows 10 PC

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asked Jan 22, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by lancebrown-ochs (620 points)
I recently purchased a Studiolive 32SX.  I've been having frequent issues with my USB connection.  I've tried 3 different USB cables, but it persists.  A couple times I've lost my connection when using the mixer as an audio interface in Studio One, but the main problem is with Universal Control.  Everything is fine when I turn on the mixer and PC, but then at some point, I always lose the connection and the two are not synced.  Meaning, for example, making changes in Universal Control do not happen on the mixer and vice versa.  Anyone else have a similar challenge?

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answered Oct 8, 2021 by Allan365 (180 points)
My StudioLive AR12c Does the same . Cant find the problem. Universal control up to date  Windows 10 64 . Cuts of sound to Cubase 11 after a couple of minutes .Have to restart the mixer every 2 minutes .
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answered Nov 4, 2021 by sebastianpieraecheique (450 points)
My SL32 S3 does the same. freakin presonus you're my favorite brand in the market

please do something soa. bachelet
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answered Nov 19, 2021 by johannesbiegl (480 points)
Same Issue here ! Desk is only some days old ! Whats going on ?

MacBook Pro Catalina / Studiolive 32r / lateste UC & Firmware !

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answered Dec 7, 2021 by craigbarfield (180 points)
Same issue here...newest FW in the StudioLive Mixer (Studio Live III 24) and Universal Control.  I'm running a MacBook Air with Big Sur on it.  Universal Control randomly disconnects and will NOT reconnect unless you cycle power on the mixer.  VERY IRRITATING.  Rebooting the MacBook doesn't seem to fix it, only cycling mixer power will bring it back.  When this happens, StudioOne loses the ability to see the mixer as well.
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answered Dec 21, 2021 by timothyfeder (180 points)
I have the same issue. I'm using StudioLIve 32SX with latest Mac OS. I have to restart my desk every time. It is quite annoying
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answered Jan 24, 2022 by kevinarmstrong6 (200 points)

I'm also having the same issue with my StudioLive 32 via USB to my Mac Pro Monterey OS, 3.3 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon W. All Firmware is up to date. Universal Control randomly disconnects and will NOT reconnect unless you cycle power on the mixer.  VERY IRRITATING. When this happens, StudioOne loses the ability to see the mixer as well. Is anybody from PreSonus going to answer our questions?

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answered Apr 12, 2022 by Sesame123 (200 points)
Faderport 8 starting to lose sync w/ protools, really a problem. Must reboot F8 to get it back. PT 2021/12/ MBPro 2019. I know FP

 sends a midi sync on C2 to the mac to maintain sync , which I was told is how it keeps sync. Why then is it losing the F8????
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answered May 5, 2022 by anupamray (260 points)
I have purchased StudioLive 32SX in December 2021 for my studio. but it has been acting very weird. Every now and then the Mixer loses the sync between Universal control, especially when any electrical switch is operated for a fan, light, or other studio gear. (Although the unit is powered through an APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN UPS). The only option lefts are to restart both the mixer and the DAW(CubasePro 10.5)to continue, which is very annoying in between a recording session. I had been using an analog 32-channel mixer with PreSonus DigiMax FS . an 8-channel microphone preamp and a Focusrite 18i20 to feed 16 inputs to an RME Digiface USB adat card. They worked well so far without such issues. Shall I sell it and revert to analog again! or should I forget the name "PreSonus" as they are not good enough for studios and try other brands? Really worried about it. Any suggestions from other users worldwide?

#Windows 10/64bit #AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor 3.40 GHz#32GB RAM #Cubase Pro10.5
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answered Jul 23, 2022 by fletchdozier (220 points)
Here it is 2022! I purchased the StudioLive 32 sx and have the same problem! Does persons not care enough about it's customers to debug and fix this problem. Quite obviously the problem is easy to reproduce. :(
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answered Aug 7, 2022 by andrestlaurent (170 points)

I am having the same issue with my recently-acquired 32S, which I'm using as an audio interface and Studio One DAW control.

It works for "a while", but if I switch back and forth between UCNET and DAW it eventually loses connection with the PC and can no longer be used as a audio device/control surface until I stop Studio One and power cycle the 32S. And even then, it may or may not work unless I reboot my PC.  Changing the Ethernet cable (connected directly to my PC) and/or the USB cable has no effect on this [mis-]behavior.

I filed a support ticket with Presonus and will update this note they supply a solution, or if I find one myself.

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answered Oct 9, 2022 by iraward (200 points)
The simple answer is, it's not a PreSonus issue nor problem. It is a USB issue and problem.

USB basically "Universal" Serial Bus. A great technology, perfect for high speed data transmission but the signal is easily disturbed and broken by system, network interference and "trash". Other devices connected to the bus can open or close a connection without a call to do so. Not to mention, most USB ports get worn out and abused.

I have had this problem for a "very" long time and it took a lot of thinking and testing to figure it out. The problem is USB-interference. You have to isolate your PreSonus, put it on its own isolated USB-port. Isolate the devices that constantly communicate on the network from your PreSonus and you shouldn't have any problems.

Use three different USB-sources, one should be a USB PCI-card and two hubs of different brands. One of my hubs should be self powered and the other non-powered.

1. Connect the powered USB-hub to the PCI-USB card. Connect all Dongle-keys and wireless mouse to it.

2. Connect all external drives and all other devices, (except your keyboard) to the USB-PCI card.

3. Connect the non-powered USB-hub to port #1 on the back of your computer and connect your PreSonus or Studiolive mixer to port one on the hub.

4. Connect your keyboard to port #2 on the back of you computer.

This way, devices can not connect or disconnect connections unless they are called to do so.

This worked for me, no more buffering, slow internet connection on YouTube, no more gritty audio, no more high fan speeds under normal operation and my system performs better. I couldn't have imagined that all of these problems had the same source.

I am not a genius or smart, just a humble man of God happy to share a small victory that may help others.

Stay on your grinds, don't ever quit and God Bless!
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answered Feb 10 by francoiscrokaert (180 points)
Same here - was working great on my desktop on Windows.

I moved to the MacMini M2 pro and it connects when I turn ON the board - then disconnect after a few minutes until I restart my board (32SX).

Does somebody found a solution?
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answered Feb 24 by davidchapa (380 points)

While I appreciate iraward answer, the solution that was proposed did NOT work for me - I'm left with the same exact behavior. 

I'm running a Mac Mini M1.  And I use my StudioLive 32S as an audio interface as well when I do Zoom calls with colleagues, co-workers, and clients.  It is annoying as heck to have to power down my board after EVERY Zoom session or after playing two or three YouTube videos.

For the money we all paid for this equipment, I would expect better results.  So, Presonus, it seems this is back on you to find a resolution. 

Hopefully someone from Presonus is sure feels like they aren't. 

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answered Mar 2 by jtodd5dot1 (210 points)
I'd like to add a voice to this chain and hopefully get it to purculate up some more.  I'm having a similar issue, in a Mac environment and using Capture instead of S1 or UC.  I'm more of a PC person so it's a little cumbersome for me to troubleshoot through the issues.  In my limited understanding of the Mac world, I think I would agree that we'll looking at a USB/Mac issue.  Cause I'm also having issues with the Mac staying connected to the network as well.

In the USB realm, Capture looses connectivity to the SL32 required typically a reboot on the Mac but sometimes require reboot of the SL32 as well.  The disconnection is totally random timing wise.  

Hopefully some one has been able to trace this down.


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answered Mar 13 by allantutt (280 points)

I recently purchased the SudioLive 32S Series III.

Although it sadly doesn't come equipped with conventional MIDI I/O, I was recently told that it can in fact control MIDI data via UCNET.

I am not sure if this is good news or bad news, based upon what I have read so far on this post and topic which appears to be related.

I also recently purchased iConnectivity's mioXL rtpMIDI &/or USB-C MIDI (Fully Configurable) MIDI DATA ONLY controlling hardware.

My issue, is trying to figure out, how to setup my PC & ROUTER's (Network) to recognize and allow interactions between the rtpMIDI and UCNET signal paths. If successful, this would only resolve the MIDI side of the studio.

If I understand things correctly, the 32S must be operated either a digital mixer, or a MIDI controller. Not both, at the same time.

Thus, requiring two separate workflows. Examples: 2(+/-) MIDI controller sessions) plus 2(+/-) standard USB-C data sessions). 

It would be nice, if the two-way MIDI data flow could be combined together within a studio's standard USB-C cabling or network system, (all of which data) could then be directed via standard (or redesigned) digital interface to your DAW for needed process and/or return..... 

This may not even be doable. I have no idea. It would be nice if StudioOne Pro could process both (MIDI and conventional Digital data) via Multiple USB-C Sources at the same time.

In the meantime, I am not sure if UCNET is the magic solution -I am looking for.

Much more information is required, before I can get all of this sorted.

Your comments are appreciated.