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Stuck with dropouts S1 5.5

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asked Aug 1 in Studio One 5 by hogbob (120 points)
S1 5.5.2 ... Interface X32R

Recording live band - 24 channels.

Dropout protection is at max.. Block size 4096, Plug-in nap enabled

Playing back 24 songs in the same recording - every song has at least one dropout. No cracks or noise - its just like the time wasn't there - a few hundreds of a second - but enough that it is very clear.

It is not the computer... had the same problem with my 2018 I9 MacBook Pro with 4TB internal SSD. I have now migrated to M1 MAX powered 2022 MacBook Pro - 64gb ram - 8Tb internal SSD. I did however transfer everything with Apples "transfer" program so all Plug-ins and templates and other gremlins have been transferred as well. I have just downloaded fresh S1 installer, installed it (because of ARM architecture) and reactivated the S1 license

Two things that I have done recently but not tested yet is that I have disabled all non-presonus plugins, and have turned monitoring on each channel off ..... but at least the last part should be possible to do even with a lot smaller block size (would like to run some effects on the computer - live - while recording)

Anything else to do ?

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