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Why is my Quantum 2626 causing glitchy audio? Will send money for assistance

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asked Aug 2, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by hftinesm (200 points)
edited Aug 2, 2022 by hftinesm

How do I start diagnosing that problem? I have a brand new Mac Studio with 32GB of RAM. I am plugging mics straight into a Quantum 2626 which is going directly to the Mac. The audio is glitchy in both Ableton Live and Logic Pro. I tried streaming Netlix to test it also. It only glitched once, but it did glitch. I tried using my old Focusrite 6i6 and it worked perfectly, it just sounded much worse.   

I have been recording audio for many years and it sounds to me like the buffer size is too low and it's causing things to fall out of sync but it's behaving the same way even if I set the buffer size unnecessarily high. The audio is occasionally glitchy going in and coming out as well. I can post more audio or post pics of the audio files. The audio files don't look corrupted; they look like they should sound fine. The glitching is very intermittent. It will not happen for an hour, then happen more often, then less. There seems to be no pattern or logic.  

If anyone can give me advice that fixes this, I will PayPal them $50 immediately

I apologize the audio is hard panned. I was working on a song, I heard the incoming audio glitch, decided to finally deal with the problem and hastily exported the audio.

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answered Aug 2, 2022 by hftinesm (200 points)

I raised the sample rate to 88200 which according to some people in other threads fixed their issue. It is still glitching, so I made another export but this time you can hear both mics
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answered Aug 2, 2022 by hftinesm (200 points)

The glitch is the range from two columns to the right and four to the left of 36.3

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answered Nov 24, 2022 by wwsd3 (140 points)
I'm having the same problem. Quantum 2626. Mac Studio. 64GB of RAM. every minute or so, any audio I record has a digital glitch sound and I have to re-do the take. I don't love that.
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answered Jun 17 by OhulahanBass (140 points)
Was there ever a solution to this?  I am also having the same issues.  It seems to have started when I switched to a M2 Max MacBook Pro.
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answered Jul 11 by stevenburnside (160 points)
What is your buffer size?

Counterintuitively, apparently lower buffer sizes avoid these dropouts on M1/2 Macs - the new CPU architecture has 'performance' and 'efficiency' cores, and with higher buffer sizes your DAW taxes the CPU less, and so apparently MacOS switches the DAW from running on the 'performance' core to an 'efficiency' one, which causes this small dropouts.

If you drop your buffer size, it makes the DAW tax the CPU more heavily when recording, so it stays on the 'performance' core and doesn't suffer dropouts. I've changed my Ableton buffer from 512 to 128, and it's stopped these glitches happening for me.