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Use the Desktop Keyboard for Instruments without having to click CAPS LOCK

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asked Aug 17, 2022 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by one.espana (220 points)
When using Studio One on the go on a laptop keyboard, it is very difficult to use the Midi. It requires you to click on an instrument, add an event, click the event, then click CAPS LOCK Key, to play something with the regular PC Keyboard.

There should be a way for the keyboard to automatically activate when you open the instrument or are in the midi mode. Requiring an extra step to click CAPS LOCK is not intuitive and disrupts the workflow. Especially when sampling different presets, if you loose the focus on the window, then you have to click CAPS LOCK again. Most people would expect for it to work right away, without having to click on the CAPS LOCK constantly.

The should be a way to turn on this feature by default, so it always using the keyboard, unless you have a midi keyboard connected then it should allow you to use either option.

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