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Retain focus when arrowing through events to slice/cut remaining grouped tracks.

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asked Oct 3, 2022 in Editing by alanmiller1 (1,100 points)

When using a track containing large numbers of sliced/cut/separated events (think sample-creation) as a guide for slicing/cutting additional tracks, S1 (both v5 & 6) will shift focus to the top foremost newly sliced/cut/separated track. Manually snap/slicing the remaining tracks can often take an enormous amount of time if the session is several hours long.

Therefore, we need an option to retain focus on a track for arrowing through and making slices (separate at cursor) to remaining tracks in a group WITHOUT losing focus of the "guide" track we want to utilize for this editing. (audio bend & transient analyzation do not work for this, unfortunately)

Thank you for the consideration. It's detrimental to my daily work.

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