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Why am I receiving the error "ASIO device properties have been changed" from Pro Tools?

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asked May 10, 2015 in AudioBox USB by AlexTinsley (910,100 points)
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Why am I receiving the error "ASIO device properties have been changed" from Pro Tools?

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answered May 10, 2015 by AlexTinsley (910,100 points)
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ProTools requires that any third-party hardware must match the sampling rate as configured in your Pro Tools project. DigiDesign hardware, such as the MBox, may not present this issue; this is because DigiDesign hardware is integrated into Pro Tools and automatically acquires the sampling rate of your current project.

However, if you are using third-party hardware, such as a PreSonus interface, you will need to make sure that everything matches up in order to rectify this issue. Follow these steps, and this error should not present itself:

  1. Open Pro Tools and load your project
  2. Set the sampling rate to your desired settings; for instance, 44.1khz is the default for CD quality
  3. Save your project and close Pro Tools
  4. Open the control panel for your audio interface. For the FireStudio and StudioLive series, this is Universal Control; for the AudioBox series, this is the AudioBox control panel
  5. Change the sampling rate to match what you have configured in Pro Tools
  6. Re-open Pro Tools and load your project

If another piece of audio software on the computer is open and has acquired the driver for your interface, you may need to close that software in order for this fix to work. This is because that software could be "locking" your PreSonus hardware's settings, disallowing you to change configuration to reflect your setup in Pro Tools.