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Why isn't the audio device input recognized

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asked Nov 18 in Studio One 6 by jamespalermo24 (120 points)

I'm a absolute newbie to Studio One.  I've connected my Spark 40 to a MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.2, as instructed at Positive Grid.   It's linked with the spark usb cable to the computer with a usb 1 to usb-c adapter.  With the application running can't record as the song setup shows no audio device.   Thoughts?

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answered Nov 23 by tothrec (28,040 points)
See if there is a way to confirm that the Spark is talking to your MacBook.

On a PC, you'd go to Device Manager and see it.  Is there something similar on a Mac?

Are there any drivers for the Spark you need to install?