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Universal Control not showing 1810c interface

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asked Dec 4, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by brianromer (120 points)
My Universal Control app does not show my Presonus 1810c, it just says "Universal Control" with tabs for File, Settings and Demo. I want to configure routing to outboard gear but have no view of my interface in Universal Control.

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answered Apr 18 by agostinoanselmo (180 points)
Same here since at least December 2022!

Still waiting for an update... quite a shame it's taking so long.
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answered Jul 17 by agostinoanselmo (180 points)

Download a new installer of UniversalControl, there's a useful uninstaller inside.

After uninstalling it, restart the PC and install the new one. Done! I think there was some sort of bug and the self-update function didn't work.