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Using two or more audio interfaces at once.

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 6 by michaeluuereb (170 points)
I need help! I am a very green newbie to DAW and I would like to know if I can either use two or more audio interfaces at the same time or is there another way to record more than just two tracks at once? I like to record guitar/bass/and drums at the same time for demo purposes and I would like to have them all on separate tracks. I am used to the old school way of recording and perhaps having a mixer that is an audio interface that is compatible with Presonus might do the trick? I am using a PC laptop and I currently have just the basic Audiovox (?) interface. Would a Presonus mixer, like the Presonus Live work, or could I just have another audio interface?

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answered Jan 17 by colinotoole (14,600 points)
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To do what you want, you'll need an interface with more inputs. By the way, you can't use more than one interface at once... but you can expand. For instance, whilst not the latest of models, I use a Presonus 1818VSL and an expansion unit (ADA8200) from another company connected via adat. This gives me 16 mic inputs in total.