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Add "Select Scene (NAME)" command

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asked May 11, 2023 in Mixing by dotcom12161984 (4,400 points)
Currently there is a command for "Select Scene (number)" but from session to session scene number order or the amount of scenes can fluctuate but pretty much every session I will have a Vocals, Instruments, Drums, FX, BG VoX, etc etc.  So regardless of when i create them if i consistently name them properly i should be able to select them by name via a studio one command the same way i can select a macro page with the "name" argument.

Also can you add a command/feature "Select all tracks within folder", "Show/Hide Bus Channels", "Freeze Bus Channel", commands for "select next sample in folder" and "select previous sample in folder" for Impact, Custom icons and Custom keywords that automatically add track icons to tracks with those custom keywords.

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