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Show Instrument Outputs as Tracks

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asked Feb 11 in Editing by kuteace (410 points)
I always felt overwhelmed trying to switch to a particular sounds channel from a drum machine plugin like a snare or percussion to do some mixing or soloing when i switch to a cluttered mixer console, so I'd love to see a feature to put drum sounds external outputs as tracks we can expand from a Drums track for quick soloing and editing.

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answered Feb 13 by tothrec (31,740 points)
Totally agree.

It's always confused me to hear the mix out of whack, turn down the track volume, but still hear the pad too loud.

I look at it from a consistency standpoint.

Why have channels with no corresponding tracks?

Well, I think I know the answer: then Presonus would have to have a new type of track that is only an Output track.

Doable, but more work than just exposing the channels as tracks.

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answered Feb 19 by viswachakravarthy (2,290 points)
I doubt they would change this. having no 1 - 1 correlation is the foundation in which studio one is made. so yeah.

Maybe try Reaper? or many other daws do that.
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answered Mar 2 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
This makes no sense to me at all. If you want to have tracks for each multi out, you can create them and link them to the outputs. But having Studio One creating tracks for them (which would be empty obviously) doesn't make sense. It's not the purpose of the arrangement view to have empty tracks just for mixing purposes.
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answered Mar 3 by ricardovladimiro (180 points)
This feature already exists and I am able to do this, e.g. I have PercX with 8 individual tracks and a drum instrument in Kontakt with 6 individual tracks, in any instrument VST that has multiple outputs.