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Rewire will not automatically connect in Studio One Professional when using WAVES Tune plug-in

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asked Feb 19, 2023 in Studio One 6 by raymondzajacjr (400 points)
I'm not sure why REWIRE will not automatically connect when I use the WAVES Tune plug in a Studio One Professional session.  In the past, I could open WAVES Tune plugin and the transport in the plug in would work with no problem.  Currently, if I open WAVES Tune on a track, I can't control the transport inside the plug in as I could in the past.  Now, in the WAVES plug in window, there is a message that says, "Rewire is not connected, check your setting."  However, I cannot find any setting to enable the Rewire to connect as it once did.  Appreciate any help.

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answered Feb 21, 2023 by mr44hz (780 points)
Rewire was dropped and no longer supported by Reason Studios.