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Recording with windows mic - voice and piano being cancelled?

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asked Mar 2 in Studio One 5 by henriquecoe (140 points)

Hi. Today I tried to record the voices of an arrangement to a choir. Not a professional recording, just enough so they can listen to their voices for the next rehearsal. Therefore, I just used Windows' mic (not external mic plugged in). For this, I sang while playing the same melody on the piano.

However, as you can listen in the link below, it seems that the piano and the voice were cancelling themselves in Studio One 5. Or maybe it is something else. As a result, I lost the entire recording. And I couldn't even hear the recording when I was recording it, because for some reason I can only hear sound from Studio One 5 with headphones; it doesn't play with regular Windows audio (Windows 11), and I didn't have my headphones with me (I don't usually use an external audio driver, but in my opinion it should work with Windows audio - but that's another topic).

So, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

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