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Please extend&improve navigation inside Studio One (5 good ideas inside)

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asked Apr 20, 2023 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,820 points)
edited Apr 23, 2023 by Michael1985

At first here are the solutions for better navigation on point:

1)a full event list of the selected track with event names where you can jump when selecting one with the current zoom state

2)FAST scrolling navigation like middle mouse button windows explorer navigation

3)micro song view for instant one-click  navigation

4)hotpoints which have their own zooming and position which you can choose with macros or within a hotlist

5)zoom&navigation possible while dragging events

The navigation is in some cases more manageble with the macros and the zoom swapping(also markers and arranger events), but it is really not that good to come from A to B in many cases like:

-if you want to change your position more frequently (you could use songmarkers/arranger track, but what is about all the events/multiple events in-between? 100 songmarkers or very small arranger events are NOT the solution for this)

-getting from one point to another which are far away from each other, especially if you want the same zoom state on the new position (you could use a macro command to click an event or make a selection and zoom in with one step, but it could be much more efficient and that is what is possible to JUST change your position with the same zoom state)

-while dragging an event or track (because zooming&window navigation shortcuts are turned off while dragging)

So please improve the navigation with specific tools for better navigation, not just one more shortcut or macro command. These are just brainstorming ideas how to improve it, there could be much more possibilities: What could it  make more efficient is a full event list of the selected track with event names where you can jump when selecting one with the current zoom state(the selected event is the beginning of your new window view), FAST scrolling navigation(like windows middle mouse button inside explorer) a micro song view for instant and fast navigation, which is always visible&accessable and "hotpoints" you can set, which you can choose to jump instantly to(every hotpoint has its own vertical/horizontal zoom state and you can choose it from  a list or instant with macros)

So here are some ideas for better navigation which are useful for everybody. It would make Studio One much better in this area, because navigation is not that efficient within Studio One as it could be.

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