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Including video in a music production software

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asked Mar 30 in Video by anna-lenasjlin (130 points)
Hey guys at Presonus, please please remove the video features from the DAW.

I hate it and I will not buy an upgrade as long as you keep it included.

Video should or must always be a separate feature.

If I want it I will buy it.

Not a main feature.

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answered Mar 30 by vasalli (1,570 points)
Sorry to hear about your frustrations with Studio-1, as there are other fish in the sea.

From my view, the world of audio production is too expansive to offer a narrow path and expect a DAW to be a leader in the field. I agree with you that Studio-1 should not venture into video compositing and production. Most major movie studios will produce the audio for film production on respected audio software, which requires a complete video frame playback device, and then they transfer the post production audio into the video software for minor audio tweaks. As an audio composer, I don’t want to limit my potential clients to only those doing silent movies!