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Dynamic tempo mapping (while recording)

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asked May 4, 2023 in Recording by dominikschiller (2,210 points)
Logic Pro X has a feature that would be great if it would be added to S1. One can record a midi/audio track and the program itself is mapping the appropriate tempo for the material. (it is altering the tempo track after the rec process)

This would save time while working on tracks that use "rubato" or free time expression.

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answered Jan 29 by ralfwottrich (820 points)
A common use case is to record a live performance without click or tempo definition. Timing related edits of track is quite difficult and auto tempo mapping through melodyne is like dicing. Sometimes it works, sometimes you just give up after some time.

Any support for this use case: Tempo map a live performance, would be great.
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answered Feb 2 by gianlucapallocca (1,890 points)
good request! the workaround for this is to record your performance freely and manually map it with the time tool ( you have to lock to time your track before and move the bars to the transients or midi note, the "tab key is useful in this case ), the rest of yours tracks, if are beat related, will follow the new time. after you can reset your "main Track" to beat and edit the time variation to adjust it or to manage the excessive exscursion of the bpm variation.