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How did my sample rate change from 44.1 to 48K?

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asked Jun 7, 2023 in Ai Mixers by douglasfabiano (130 points)
I have been running Cubase 7.5 on a Mac Book Pro 13 running 10.11.6 with a StudioLive 32ai Firewire interface FOREVER!!. I have recorded every project at 44.1k 16bit. Today Universal control tells me that I am running at 48k. Every project now has a bit rate mismatch and is playing back faster and at higher pitch (as if with varispeed). I changed NOTHING. I updated NOTHING. Nothing was auto updated. I didn't change the firmware, the driver software or anything else AT ALL.

Now, I have no option of changing the mixer back to 44.1k.

The ASIO driver controls in Cubase do not give me any option of changing the sample rate, neither does the "MIDI Audio" controls on the Mac in the system preferences.

How can I get this sample rate back to 44.1k without so that I don't have to convert every project individually to 48k?? I'm at a loss and an impass.

Doug Fabiano

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answered Oct 8, 2023 by billlong (340 points)
I own a StudioLive 32SC mixer. I use Windows 10.x and I have StudioOne 6.5 as my DAW. Every day when I turn my mixer on, my sample rate according to my DAW software and the Universal Control software on my Windows PC, shows 48 kHz whereas my hardware PreSonus StudioLive 32SC mixer shows the sample rate as 44.1 kHz. To fix the discrepancy, I unplug the USB connector from the back of the mixer and PLUG IT BACK IN. Viola! But, why do I have to do this EVERYDAY????