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Blank Screen with My Presonus Account

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asked Aug 18, 2023 in Studio One+ by adamsabado2 (150 points)
Just signed up for Studio One+ and i cant even log into My Presonus to use it. Just shows a blank screen with the categories at the top. I installed Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox and Vivaldi, same problem. I installed the TOR browser and it worked. Seriously? I have to use the ultra slow TOR browser to use this? Yes, i cleared the cache from every browser. I also just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Anyone know how to fix this problem or should we all just cancel Studio One+ since we cant even install it? I had this problem with Sphere too. Unbelievable.

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answered Sep 23, 2023 by trevorwylie (180 points)
If you are using a VPN disconnect from it before signing in to Presonus. For whatever reason the site doesn't play well with VPNs when you use the more known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. I had the same problem you did. And I use Nord VPN. When I disconnected from it, the site worked immediately. Try it out.

If it still doesn't work open a support ticket because this answers forum isn't likely to get you the help you need in a more time-efficient manner than going direct to their support team (not that they're "instant" in their responses, of course).