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Larger Color Palette in UC Control

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asked Oct 14, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by JimmyMuhlenbruch (250 points)
I have color coded our entire system. Since all of us in our band are older, and reading the small print isn't so easy, I like to use colors. How about a larger color palette, or better, the ability to create custom colors would be AMAZING. That way, my bass player, while being green, can have different colors of green for his mic, instrument and monitor mix (we are color coded by high school colors amazingly).

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answered Oct 26, 2023 by JimmyMuhlenbruch (250 points)
Does anyone at Presonus read this? Are you interested in actual constructive criticism? This Mixer is amazing, sounds great. After a month and a half of rehearsal, we got to use it at an outdoor show and I LOVE it. However, a customizable color palette would greatly enhance the ability to organize our channels by member/channel function. PLEASE take this request seriously. Small details like this can make a huge difference.