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Generic EQ Baseline Presets

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asked Nov 3, 2023 in UC Surface / Qmix by kennethanderson5 (170 points)
Hi there.  Regards to UC and StudioLive 16/24/32R (Rack Mount Mixer) - Does anyone know if Presonus provides a library of basic generic EQ / Comp / Gate settings for typical things like Kick, Snare, Toms, Overhead, Male Singer, Female Singer, Acc Guit, Bass Guit, etc., that one can load up onto various channels, to get started as a baseline?  Similar to say Behringers "artist presets" or A&H "ProFactory".  If so, do the Studiolive units come pre-loaded with these?  If not, is there a library one can download and then upload to the units library?  It appears to me that the only way you can get a library, is by creating your own eq's over time?   I'd appreciate some advice here.

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