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How do I set up a PC and a MAC to run identically?

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asked Nov 17 in Studio One+ by bmarin726 (160 points)
I just set up a new Mac Mini M2 in my studio. I already have a Windows PC set up and I'm using it to record remotely onto an external drive. The Mac is set up with all of the same plugins. Installed and activated. But when I open the session recorded remotely, all 3rd party plugins break and have to be replaces. Is there a way to set up both machines to run identically without having to replace any plugins. All plugins on both computers are installed to default locations


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answered Nov 18 by StephenNowak (160 points)
The answer to this is a little bit of fact and opinion. You’re not going to be able to have two different computers, regardless of Mac or PC, run the same session with plugins running flawless because, well, they’re two different computers, in short. Two loopholes that could work

1. Save and run your plug-ins off of that same portable hard drive you’re running your sessions off of, that way there’s one consistent “device” between your two machines

2. Print stems, if you don’t already. It’s a hassle to go back and forth when you gotta make a tweak, but print to a blank track and then disable the plugin track, saves you some cpu power as well.