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Setup "device" my options aren't the same as in the video tutorials

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asked Feb 10 in Studio One+ by LauraElvin (120 points)

I'm trying to follow the online tutorials, but so many things are different from what's shown in the videos vs what I see on my PC.  For example, I don't even know what "StudioOne+" is... because mine says "StudioOne Professional"... are those the same?

Anyway, my question is at the very start of setting up.  On the home page when I click "Setup" in the center of the page to select my device (which is currently defaulted to "Windows Audio", I do not see the same options as shown in the online tutorials.  My device is a PreSonus Studio 24C.

My options are:

  • Audiobox
  • ioStation
  • Quantum
  • Revelator
  • Studio 192
  • Studio USB (should I select this one?)
  • StudioLive AR
  • StudioLive Classic USB
  • StudioLive Series III
  • Windows Audio

The other tutorial video said the software would select my device automatically, but I'm not sure it did that.

Also, the video shows to select "playback device" and "recording device".  I don't have two options like that.  My only option is "audio device".  I have done all the software updates and installed all the drivers.  Not sure what to do when the tutorials show things that aren't my options. 

Thanks in advance.

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