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M-Audio interface and computer itself receiving audio signal while my Studio One 3 DAW isn't getting anything.

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asked Jan 23, 2017 in Studio One 3 by dodido.cam321 (150 points)
I'm currently running Studio One 3 on my Mac OS Sierra. I have an M-Audio interface hooked up to my computer/ configured with Studio One. When I plug my instrument in and play, I see a signal coming in on my interface and I've checked the sound under my system preferences not for the DAW but for my computer itself.. and the Mac itself is getting a signal as well. Therefore, this is suggesting that this issue is within Studio One. When I enable monitoring on a channel and play my guitar, both my computer and interface are receiving audio feed, but I get no signal displayed on the channel within Studio One, nor does it even start a recording black after I've armed the track and hit record.

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answered Jan 25, 2017 by themuzic (15,180 points)
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With an interface that is not a presonus, you need to setup the inputs and outputs manually in the "Song Setup" section of a single song you are working in. Follow the instructions below to verify the interface is setup correctly.

1. Create a new song

2. Goto preferences and select Audio Setup

3. Verify your interface is showing in the audio selection box

4. In the lower left corner of that window, click Song Setup

5. Make sure you have inputs created the vertical list that match the horizontal list at the top

6. If you do not see a vertical list, click the "add" button to create one for each input

7. Make sure there is a blue box linking the two lists. Now hit apply and save.

Now you should be able to assign inputs on your tracks.