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Motorized fader stopped working suddenly only on pro tools 12

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asked Apr 10, 2017 in FaderPort Classic by mikedemott (130 points)
suddenly when i need it most my fader doesnt respond on pro tools. Logic it works fine but otherwise nothing. Ive reinstalled pro tools reinstalled the faderport driver made sure its configured correctly. everything works but the fader in pro tools. Mac OSX Sierra Pro Tools 12.7 Faderport

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answered Jun 7, 2017 by mdemouy (140 points)
Make sure the "OFF" button is not engaged.  This will turn the fader off.

Also, after a BANK movement, a channel may not be selected; use the mouse or Channel Select buttons (not in Bank Mode) to select a channel.

Otherwise, more information is needed; Are all other functions working in PTs from the Faderport, except the fader?  Does the Fader ever work for you?