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Connect parameter to Channel Macro Control for 3rd party VST3 effect developpers

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asked Jun 1, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by lorcanmcdonagh (320 points)

Hi Presonus,

in Studio One 3 native plug-in's we get a 'Connect parameter to channel macro control' plug-in context menu entry, which is surely very handy for users with controls surfaces.

In a 3rd party one can use Presonus::IHostCommandHandler from Presonus VST3 extensions.

This gives us 'Edit parameter Automation' and 'Remove parameter Automation', but no 'Connect to macro control'.

Is this possible in the current state, or could you implement this in the future ?

Also is there a dedicated developper channel for third-party devs ?



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answered Jun 9, 2017 by DominicB (14,730 points)
selected Jun 9, 2017 by lorcanmcdonagh
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Currently this isn't supported in the contextual menu of 3rd party VST's because they each have their own methods for MIDI learning. However, you can set this link to Macro Controls via the "Control Link" method. 

1. Select the parameter in the 3rd Party VST you want to assign to a Macro Control. 

2. This parameter will no show in the "Control Link" window in the upper left corner of the Studio One interface. If you do not see it, your screen resolution may not be big enough, however, you can still access this by opening the Macro Control window and clicking the "gear" icon which opens the "Control Link" window for the Macro Control. You will see the parameter there. 

Now drag the "Hand" icon that appears in the "Control Link" window to the Knob, button, or X/Y control in the Macro Control GUI. 

The parameter should now be linked. 

See picture below. 

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answered Jun 1, 2017 by AlexTinsley (909,960 points)

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answered Jun 9, 2017 by lorcanmcdonagh (320 points)

Thanks Dominic B.

I'm the developer of the aforementioned Superchord, and I would like to give you more details.

I'm talking about the VST3 version, which delegates/abstracts away all MIDI handling to the host (that's one of the features/improvements of VST3 over 2.4).

The feature I'm talking about is working perfectly fine in Cubase, so I believe it's up to the host to implement the required interfaces.

Is there any dedicated private communication channel for 3rd party developers ? The VST mailing list is now defunct and the email I have for Mathias Juwan doesn't seem active any more.