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Studiolive series III 3d model or dimensions

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asked Dec 18, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by terryglennalday1 (130 points)
I need a 3d model of the studiolive III 16 channels. I have found one on google sketchup but there is only 32channels available on the library.I also can't see any documents about the dimension of this mixer. The reason is that I want to design a tour case and it will be a big help if there is an existing 3d model to start with.

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answered Jul 29, 2018 by danielenblom (560 points)
I would like cad models on the download sections of all mixer. Preferably as STEP-file. I would make case design so much easier. I would guess that you people at Presonus already have 3d-models for your internal design process. Please just export the the "outer shell" and publish.