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Keyboard shortcut to Clear All Clipping indicators

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asked Jan 13, 2018 in Look and Feel by celopadua (1,270 points)
retagged Jan 13, 2018 by celopadua
Although somebody already suggested that a selectable option under preferences be added to Clear All Clipping indicators when restarting playback, I think it would be good to have a keyboard shortcut to clear on demand as well.

Something like: Alt+C = Clears all clipping red light indicators in channels, buses, and outputs.

Sonar, Pro Tools, and Logic do have this.


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answered May 21, 2018 by AlexTinsley (902,840 points)
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answered Jan 14, 2018 by andreasfranzmann (2,250 points)
YES, I would love to see that, too!
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answered Jan 18 by robreid1 (950 points)
Coming from Reaper was super disappointed to see this wasn't a thing. I have that shortcut in reaper mapped to a button on my FP classic and i use it ALL THE TIME. Getting gain staging right is a pain in the *** enough without having to mouse over and clear a clipping warning every time. Have it on a button and boom clear.
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answered Jan 22 by tremo (960 points)
Add Digital Performer to the list of DAWs that let you assign a keyboard command to clear all cliping indicators.
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answered Aug 3 by gg52 (5,650 points)
Any news about this shortcut? Or suggestion for work around?

This is really such a work flow killer! You have to put down your instrument or let go of the gain trims on your mixer or interface, locate the mouse and the mouse pointer, aim it at the tiny tiny overload clip, ...but the indicator is not visibly now when you are listening back, it is only visible when transport is not in play, so you have to stop the playback, then clear the clip indicator with the mouse, and ....wait, what was I doing before this operation stole my attention?? (Did I do something creatively musically that now got lost in the operation?)

Let's have a short cut! Now! Please
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answered Aug 15 by valentinosciacca1 (3,200 points)
This feature will save some time for sure! I am also a Logic user and I use this shortcut all the time! Please Presonus add this to S1!:)