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Guitar clipping with Trim knobs all the way down (Audiobox USB)

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asked May 13 in AudioBox USB by larryspilberg (160 points)

I’m a long time guitar player and absolute beginner with DAW. I have the Presonus AudioBox USB and Studio One Professional. My guitar is a fairly new Gibson Semi-Hollow Body; a Signature Series “Johnny A” with ’57 Classic PAF Humbucker PickUps.

Here is my question: 

With my guitar volume dialed to 10 and plugged into the AudioBox with Input Gain/Trim Control all the way counter clockwise at zero my levels are still hot, near 0 db or above. Tutorial videos recommend the range of -12db to -10db and I am well above that. Is it simply a matter of dialing back my guitar volume or is there something else I am missing? It seems like I should have the capability to max out my pick-ups but maybe that is not the case.

What would you advise? I hope I have explained my question clearly enough.

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answered May 14 by Michael Martin (78,390 points)
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The output of your Guitar is just a bit hotter than the AudioBox can allow.

If you can turn the signal down, that would help.

Otherwise, perhaps using a DI box with dB PAD will help.