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Dragging the beginning/end of an event is EXTREMELY laggy all of a sudden- what could be wrong?

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asked Jan 21, 2018 in Studio One 3 by joelwaddell (220 points)
Hey, so I'm not sure what has happened here, but all of a sudden I'm getting huge amounts of lag when trying to drag the beginning of an event forwards or backwards, as well as when I try to slip audio within the event.

This hasn't happened before, last time I was using S1 I remember it being really smooth.

Now, if I try to perform one of these actions, I have to click and drag my cursor to the right spot, and wait about 5 seconds for the audio to catch up. I have no issues with playback or anything else as far as I can see.

I can't deal with this because I'm trying to do drum editing, meaning I need to make literally thousands of these edits today.

I've checked the performance tab and I'm sitting at around 8% usage. I've disabled all other tracks and plugins in the session, still no luck.

The only thing I can think of that might be different are (a) I might be on a newer update than last time I was doing this type of editing. and (b) my HDD is running low on space (30GB left, should be plenty???)

Any ideas? Thanks

P.S. I'm running Studio One 3.5.4 Professional on Windows 10

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answered Feb 6, 2018 by soch1 (150 points)
edited Feb 7, 2018 by soch1
Hey Joel. I have found a fix, although not convenient, it has worked for me. I contacted Presonus in September about the same issue you all seem to be having. What they told me was that they were aware of the issue and that it definitely is being addressed but not sure when a fix will be released. That being said, I've tried it all, turned off plugins, messed with each possible CPU setting in the preferences and nothing would work. However, this past weekend I recorded a drum session that I wanted to quantize, 12 tracks of drums recorded at 24 bit, 44.1 - standard stuff.

I had split the work with one of my interns who runs Studio One on her MacBook pro ( way lower in spec than my 5K iMac with 32GB of RAM). I sent her the stems and she created a fresh session to do the quantizing. She used the same method I do, splice quantize for slip editing and she had zero lag time at all.

I tried this with the same song I was previously editing with lag only this time I started a fresh session and no lag time incurred whatsoever...if fact it runs perfectly smooth. Hope this also helps other users, there's gotta be some kind of temp file that continue to amass and slow the whole session down...idk hopefully soon there's a fix. Cheers!

Revision: Upon further investigating this issue, the lag seems to dramatically increase if the tracks are packed in a folder. Once you take them out, GUI performance seems to really improve!
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answered Oct 13, 2019 by robertooksmandearago (220 points)
Hey, Joel and future people that might have the same problem.

I just had a problem similar to this one this morning, although I'm not sure it has the same causes.

I was editing a podcast, using one macro that I created a while ago to speed up my workflow, and, for the new session that I started for a new episode, I just clicked "save as" from the previous episode (beacause it is faster for this specific project. I know there are templates et al, and I use them too).

The thing is, for this new episode, I could cut and drag with my mouse just fine, but whenever I used my macro (which does the same thing, only condensing 4 mouse clicks/keytrokes into one), it took like 5 seconds for the DAW to respond and resume playback.

Obviously it ****** me off, because now I was going to lose more time working than if I didn't use the macro at all. So I tried rebooting the computer, I tried cleaning the cache folder, I tried saving the previous episode as a new project...
Anyway, nothing having worked out, I just resigned myself to working without the macro...

BUT, by pure chance while working, I accidently hit the "a" on the keyboard, and, to my surprise, I noticed that all the automation I had written in the previous episode (EQ bypass, volume, and even a reverb send that didn't even existed in this episode) was still present and was written and cut and all to suit the events everytime I used my macro.

So I erased all the automation and, lo and behold, everything was running perfectly once again when I used the macro.

Sorry for the long reply, so I'm writing a short advice now:
Check if you have automation written on that track.

I hope this can help future persons with the same problem that I had.