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Can I use LoopBE30 internal midi cables to link instruments in Sibelius score to VSTs inputs in Studio One?

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asked Feb 3, 2018 in Studio One 3 by richardlamming (180 points)
I'm thinking of starting to use Studio One Pro as I am a Sonar Platinum user..... I have bought the free trial version and set it up. And watched lots of videos.

I write music in Sibelius and connect it to the DAW via LoopBe30 internal midi cables (from In Sonar this was brilliant.  I added a trumpet in the score, gave it a cable number from 1-30 (having set up the cables as output devices in Sibelius) then added a trumpet VST in Sonar with the same cable as the Input and hey presto, a note clicked in Sibelius played through Sonar. Same thing for playing the whole score or just one part. Once the score was OK, I recorded it into the DAW and then worked on it.  Note that this is not Rewire which, as I understand it, pipes the whole Sibelius score through into one stereo track in the DAW - not a lot of use to me as I want to use the DAW mixer to develop each individual instrument.

In Studio One (demo version) the External Devices "Add" list can see all 30 cables but there is no way it will add them all as 30 separate midi input devices that can be selected in the VST tracks.

Has anyone done this? Is it just a facet of the demo version's cut down spec?

If I cant use the internal cables, Studio One is no use to me and I shall have to go the Pro Tools route.

Windows 10 64 Intel I7  Sibelius 8 Studio One demo trial version (and Sonar Platinum)

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answered Feb 10, 2018 by richardlamming (180 points)
I have solved it with perseverance and written a PDF document on how to do it. You can use LoopBE30 to link Studio One with Sibelius. If anyone would like to see this I shall gladly share it - just let me know.
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answered May 13, 2018 by nikolasspiliotopoulos (290 points)
Yes please, i would like that