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Have to disable exclusive mode in order for speakers to connect, still says that my audio recording is disabled

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asked Feb 8, 2018 in AudioBox USB by mitchelldespain (160 points)
When i start up studio one im getting the message saying that it cant connect to my speakers and that audio recording has been disabled. When i get onto the drivers page and deselect "exclusive mode" it allows me to play the audio and use my headphones. However it still wont let me record audio and is still saying that the audio recording has been disabled despite the usb audiobox being selected as the playback device. When i select "manage audio devices" in the box where you select the playback device and the exclusive audio, neither my microphone or the usb box show up in "recording" category and its saying that no audio devices have been installed. All of the buttons on the "recording" tab have been darkend and will not let me click on them to configure this. Sorry if this question has been answered before, but i couldnt find an answer that fixed my problem.. Thanks for your help

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answered Jun 19, 2018 by Jamesrhone1 (200,320 points)
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Open Windows Sound Control. Set your Presonus interface as the default playback and recording device. Then make sure each Playback/Recording devices Properties > Advanced tab has the same exact sample rate set as what Studio One is set to.  

If the issue remains, please create a ticket to technical support.

Here is a link to create a ticket: