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Need help correcting installation mistake!

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asked Mar 18, 2018 in Studio One 2 by andrewbarnes (170 points)
So back when I started with production, I purchased Studio One and downloaded the first option I saw, x86. Now 4 years later, I know what I'm doing and I know more about computers. Turns out I have a 64-bit os, which is why my 32-bit S1 crashes sometimes, right? I want to download and install the 64-bit S1, but I'm curious what will happen to my SoundSets when I uninstall x86 and install x64? I don't have home internet right now so I'd have to go to the library to do my downloads. I don't mind downloading a quick application, but I can't spend hours there re-downloading ALL my Soundsets and their appropriate architecture.

Would that be an issue for me or should I stick with the x86 for now? Thanks for your time!

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answered Apr 22, 2018 by LHandley (3,170 points)
selected Apr 22, 2018 by andrewbarnes
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I once had both 32-bit and 64-bit version of S1 installed, and there was only 1 set of SoundSets; that has to mean that the SoundSets will work with either version. You can install the 64-bit version of S1 along side your 32-bit version, unless you don't have the disk space or just don't want to have the 32-bit version there and never use it. If that's the case, you can just make sure you install the 64-bit into a different folder, then you can just delete the 32-bit folder.

CAREFUL though! I installed my SoundSets to a completely different drive, so installing/uninstalling/deleting won't affect them. If you didn't do that, in other words, your SoundSets are in S1's installation folder, you can just copy them to a different location and copy them back after you install the 64-bit. It's roughly 35GB.

By the way, a 32-bit program won't crash JUST because it's installed on a 64-bit OS. Also, as the previous answer stated, the 64-bit version of S1 will only recognize 64-bit plugins. There's a program, called jbridge, that will 'wrap' 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit 'wrapper' so they work with the 64-bit S1.

If I were you, I'd contact PreSonus support directly and open a ticket to ask about the one set of SoundSets working with either version of S1.

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answered Apr 1, 2018 by gregdenson (7,740 points)
The 64 bit version of studio one will require all plugins and soundsets to also be 64bit.

32 bit won't work or be recognized.