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Suggestions of changes in Studio One

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asked Jun 6 in Studio One 3 by amax55 (160 points)


I'm testing the Studio One 3, recently purchased and I have found a few problems, which in my opinion rather seriously limit the functionality of the Studio One 3 (also Studio One 4). Below are my conclusions:

Changes concerning Arranger view (in relation to Console view).

  There's no full synchronization between the Instrument tracks in the Arranger and Console views, i.e.:

- removing the Instrument Track in the Arranger view doesn't have the same result in the Console view (the Instrument is still playing, in spite of its absence in the Arranger view). It has to be removed additionally from the Instrument List in the Console view, which takes time.

- The Instrument Track in the Arranger view has no muting function. So, if the MUTE button is inactive, what is the point of its existence?

- However, it's puzzling that the Instrument track in the Arranger view has the SOLO button acting normally, synchronously with the same one in the Console view. To be consistent, this SOLO button also shouldn't act and exist at all in the Arranger view.

A musician doesn't need to be an engineer, nor a computer programmer, to create his music. For facilitating his work, all the tracks (Audio and Instrument) should be treated in the same manner - as the sound sources. Regretfully, it is not so in Studio One...

- I suggest creating (in Options) a possibility to choose between the treatment of the Instrument tracks in the Arranger view as:

- MIDI sequencer (as it is now in Studio One) or as:

- the sound source (just like in most of DAWs) - with all its consequences (i.e. the properly functioning MUTE button)

Any user of the application could then choose an option, to fit his preferences.

Further suggestions:

- add Inserts&Sends panes above the meters and faders, in Narrow option (suitable when using two monitors).

- change the color of the Main knob from blue to red.


- to unify the character of display by placing the Inspector and Track List tabs on the bottom of the Arranger View, on the left or the right side (like the other ones: Edit, Mix, Browse).


- update the Mackie Control protocol (latest one conforms to Studio One 2.6) - in order to better use the capabilities of MCU Pro.         

That’s all (for now).

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answered Jun 6 by robertgray3 (18,040 points)
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You might have better success posting these as separate Feature Requests.

1- Could help to read this thread: Studio One’s instrument track and console design is based on Cubase (pretty popular and ubiquitous last time I checked). Just because the mute button does something other than what you expect from another platform doesn’t mean it’s not  working. I like thinking in terms of a sequencer and a console, so I love it.

As for adding the options for the mute button to mute all the attached outputs of a virtual instrument, S1 isn’t really built on the paradigm of throwing options to the user and letting them sort it out- I quite enjoy that they haven’t taken that approach.

2. for the narrow view inserts: have you tried double clicking your selected track(s) in the console? They temporarily expand, then you can double click again to contract them. Or you can use the Inspector.

3. Love the blue main fader, matches the rest of the blue in the non-editable portions of the color scheme.

4. Sounds more cluttered

5. Now this is something I can get behind! Yes please.

What DAW are you used to using? Perhaps that one might be better for you if you don’t like the overall design of S1’s visual and signal layout?

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answered Jun 9 by amax55 (160 points)
I’ve noticed that Studio One has many hardcore supporters, who are used to such a shape of the application and don't see any need to change. OK, I'm not Don Kichot and I will not be tilting at windmills. I will not purchase Studio One 4, I will uninstall the Studio One 3 and return to Cakewalk SONAR. Bye, bye...