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Cannot Store anymore Presets in Ampire!!!

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asked Dec 24, 2021 in Studio One 5 by larbowler (120 points)
I have only 6 of my own presets saved in Ampire, it is not letting save any more as I go along!

This is quite annoying as I've different project/music styles and need to be able to manipulate as I go along.

I've contacted Presonus directly, but gave me to concrete answer, looking for screen shots, when I've nothing to show, as when I clicked on the option to store, I don't get the drop box I was getting initially, then when I go to click on anything all I get is a ping sound, so I have to press esc on my keyboard to go back to normal functions.

Is anyone having the same issue? If so what is your fix?

I've currently updated firmware, universal control and Studio one, but still having the same issue!!!

I don't fancy having to delete and download everything again from Sphere!

My system is Windows 10, 16gb ram, Core i7

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