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Is it true that AmpireXT distorts differently to all the State Space amp models?

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asked Dec 20, 2020 in Studio One 5 by patrickmartin5 (420 points)
edited Dec 21, 2020 by patrickmartin5

So in Studio 5, I need to finally wean myself off my favourite AmpireXT preset.

The only problem is: it seems to be impossible to duplicate.
I raised a ticket

But for anyone else looking into this: in a nutshell, the AmpireXT "American Drive" amp (and "British drive") seem to be doing something unique - there are a lot less even harmonics.
I can't get close with any of the otherwise very fine amp models.

The STV comes closest - if I push it so insanely hard the other amp models cut out, but even then it's not the same.

This is generally a property resulting from the shape of the clipping curve, so it's going it be tricky to emulate.

Here are some grabs of the spectrum.

Has anyone else looked into this: any thoughts, suggestions?

Ampire XT "singing lead" with a 220 Hz sine wave

Re-creation of "Singing lead" with 220Hz tonegen


Looking at the AmpireXT settings it has an amp with large drive, low gain, and a Tube Screamer

Trying to avoid the State Space, I tried high master, low input gain, and a Big Muff.
Well, it's a lot closer - the 2nd harmonic is way down and it comes close to the nice bite of the AmpireXT.
It's still a little fizzier, although I haven't played with EQ. I would prefer the raw sound to be closer to what's needed Out Of The Box as it were.
Going nuts, I put a "FAT" in front of the Big Muff with a little distortion, and it seems even closer: it's certainly more musical.

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