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Akai Professional MPD218 Pad Controller

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asked Oct 16, 2018 in Studio One 4 by duaneglass (120 points)

Is Akai Professional  MPD218 Pad Controller use able on Studio One 4? 

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answered Oct 17, 2018 by gottfriedbergmair (11,760 points) 1 flag


Here as a example of my Akai MPD 232 in S1 4.1

Akai MPD 232 in External Settings

My Akai MPD232 is connected to a powerd USB Hub. But you can also send and receive time synchronisation over MIDI IN/OUT if you need this setup. You can control your Akai MPD from Studio One with the Send To option (time sync). In this case set the Akai MPD to "External Mode" (Akai Seeting mode "Global Option: Clock Source External")

The drum layout is compatible with Impact XT, so Bank A - B0 starts in the lower left corner. But you can change this with Akai MPD Editor presets.

Hope this helps


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answered Aug 31, 2019 by rodneymcqueen (150 points)
MPD 218 preset not work on Studio One 4.5, please help.
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answered Nov 9, 2019 by manueltamsin (140 points)
Same odd problem here.. running Studio One 4.5 and (besides the midi learning-funtcion for the 6 encoderknobs) I cannot find any way to use the drumpads?! And they actually work in "MPC Essentials" (the software that comes with the hardware) so it must be somewhere in the Studio One software where things are getting messed up... so, please...any advise how to configure the hardware?