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Perl EM1 Malletstation controls don't work with Studio One Artist 4

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asked Dec 9, 2018 in Studio One 4 by fabiokon (220 points)
I have a Perl EM1 Malleststation and it comes with several controls on the board (and I also got a bundle with an expression pedal).

However, I can't map these hardware midi controls to any software parameter in Studio One Artist 4. I've tried it for many many hours.

Did anyone was able to do this? (map the MIDI controls to volume or other parameter, for example)

Any help is appreciated.

Fabio Kon

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answered Dec 10, 2018 by mattjordan (120 points)

This is possible. Realize that Studio One doesn't recognize the buttons as a default because Studio One doesn't recognize MIDI notes as buttons. If you use the malletSTATION editor to change the buttons to CC messages instead (I recommend CC 22,23,24,25 on the 4 buttons), then those buttons will be recognized. You then have to set up the buttons and faders in Studio One. I've found this video helpful for setting these types of things up. Realize you'll need the plugin window open for any controls to be active.

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answered May 30, 2019 by lucasdenison (150 points)
I have been having the same problems and came to the same solution you did in the other thread. Of creating a new keyboard to create the control surface.

My main goal has been to change one of the faders from being a "mod wheel" to something where I can actually map it to control the LFO speed of the tremolo effect. This whole template + software has been an absolute mess.

Mission was sort of accomplished through the work around of creating a new keyboard. No my problem is setting the increment that the fader ups the speed with. I've had no luck there.

What I want is a way to remap the controls for the existing template.