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Studio One 4 artist crashes when it says integrating Melodyne

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asked Jan 7, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jeremyroberson1 (180 points)
I have studio one 4 artist. I also have the vst rewire from the artist booster pack. I have the latest version of melodyne 4.2. I can open melodyne in 32 bit standalone and that's how I activated it. Melodyne will not open standalone in 64 bit. When studio one opens and scans my plugins and when it gets to the end it says integrating melodyne and crashes. I'm on pc with windows 10

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by ericteather (200 points)
same problem here
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answered Jan 9 by dayardjerome (200 points)
Same problem. Everything was fine in windows 7. Just "upgraded" to windows 10 (since I'm forced to by Microsoft) and Studio One can't start... gets stuck at "starting melodyne integration". HATE WIN10 SO BAD! That's why I avoided it since day 1. And now I have no choice and it seems Presonus has no fix too. How can the problem begins on the same computer that was working fine?
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answered Jan 10 by frankschmitt1 (200 points)
I have the same Problem, but it seems, no one has a solution.
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answered Feb 6 by javiercarrillo (540 points)
Same here on Studio One 4 Professional. I moved to new laptop with Win10 and could not activate melodyne (Essential, that comes with Studio One). No problem, I thought, since I can download installer + activation from melodyne's site (and I have Editor which is better).

Melodyne  64 bit standalone could not be activated. In the end I managed with the 32 bit version but now Studio One crashes upon boot when it reaches "integration with Melodyne".... no answer on the web about this.
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answered Mar 10 by Ylemma (140 points)
Did you guys tried with another PC? I'm having a exactly same problem, but It works well on Windows10s on a virtual machine and my other laptop.


Strangely, when I did reset troubled PC and named the device different from before, as I activate melodyne (through 32x StandAlone version)

it created license file with old device name. You can find license file normally in here ( C:\Users\"Your account"\AppData\Roaming\Celemony Software GmbH\Licenses )

I suspect the licensing device issue.

sorry for my terrible English. I'm Korean.
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answered May 24 by ericolivarez1 (140 points)
Same here did anyone find a solution for this?